Happy Thanksgiving

 Happy Thanksgiving

Public Access to the Waters of Massachusetts

I am often asked:"Where can I go fishing?"  This simple question does not have a single simple answer.   If you want to target saltwater and freshwater species in Massachusetts via boat, kayak, or canoe, then one answer is: Public Access to the Waters of Massachusetts.

Fish360 Massachusetts Hots Spots

Montauk Rocks

Montauk, NY is the Surfcasting capital of the world.  Anglers from near and far travel to fish from its rock studded shores.  Montauk Rocks captures the essence of Surfcasting on this remote spot on the Atlantic sea board.

Montauk Rocks Documentary DVD

Fish360 Journal Angler Edition

When I decided to target trophy fish, I started keeping a fishing journal.   I kept a traditional paper journal for three straight years.   In the first year, I reached a new personal best.  In the second year, I reached another personal best.  And in the third year, I reached yet another personal best.  But, my new success soon became limited by the limitations of a traditional paper journal.  So, I formed a software company and started building an Internet based fishing journal.

Surfcasting The Water Column

I plan my trips to the surf by selecting spots based on the migratory patterns of striped bass, the time of year, the moon phase, and tide.  I tend select a spectrum of presentations (plugs, soft plastics, eels, jigs, and tins) that will fish the entire water column.

Fish360 Surfcasting The Water Column

Fishy Blogs

I started blogging seven years ago because the recreational fishing literature that I was reading at the time was not publishing on topics or gear that interested me.  Monthly magazines like On The Water have taken the recreational fishing literature to a new level.  But, I am still blogging.  Why?  Because I enjoy field testing gear, building gear, discovering new patterns, developing novel techniques, and sharing my experiences with the recreational fishing community.  Along these seven years, I havecome across other fishy blogs.  Some good.  Some bad.  And some wicked fishy!

Fish360 Blog

On The Water TV

As an all species and all methods angler, I am blessed to live in New England.   We have no shortage of species to target year round from shore, boat, kayak, and ice.  On The Water has been fishing and filming our great fisheries for 11+ years now.

On The Water TV

Grangers Fishing Tackle ~ London, England

During my last trip to England I had the opportunity to stop by Grangers Fishing Tackle in London.  The shop is right next to the South Kensington stop (Circle or District) lines. 

Grangers Fishing Tackle ~ London, England

1@32 Pledge

The striped bass fishery, like other fisheries, is a self-replenishing resource. But, if we harvest striped bass at a faster rate than the fishery can replenish itself, then we will delete our oceans and rivers of a vital resource. This nearly happened in the 1970's. Fortunately, regulations were put in place and the striped bass population was restored to self-sustaining levels.

Over the last few seasons, I have have observed a significant reduction in the number and size of striped bass on the Atlantic seaboard. Other anglers and organizations have also noticed this decline.

The 1@32 Pledge is a new movement in the recreational fishing community that was started on by Ross Squire from New York. In short, anglers and organizations are pledging to harvest 1 fish at 32 inches or greater per day.

1 @ 32 Pledge

The Plum Island Surfcasters

The Plum Island Surfcasters is a grass-roots fishing club with a deep history and tradition that spans over 50 years.  These years had tides full of fish.  These years had tides of change.  With each tide, the club has held true to its principles and values.  Currently, the club is experiencing a new tide of change: technology. 

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