Fish360 Journal Angler Edition

When I decided to target trophy fish, I started keeping a fishing journal.   I kept a traditional paper journal for three straight years.   In the first year, I reached a new personal best.  In the second year, I reached another personal best.  And in the third year, I reached yet another personal best.  But, my new success soon became limited by the limitations of a traditional paper journal.  So, I formed a software company and started building an Internet based fishing journal.

I am proud to announce that several years of research and extensive beta testing (on two different platforms!), the Fish360 Journal Angler Edition is now available!  In this free version, you can create trips and fish--- similar to the way you would in a traditional paper fishing journal.   You can easily add spots, rods, reels, lines, presentations, and pictures---- which you cannot do in a traditional paper fishing journal.  And you can search all your data in your fishing journal.   I literally mean your data.  Your journal is private and secure. The Pro Angler edition, which will give you unlimited storage, will be available soon. ;-)

I am also proud to say that I am using the Fish360 Journal Angler Edition for all my fishing.  As you know, fishing is my passion.   I fish for multiple species in fresh and salt water via multiple methods.   I am pushing the Fish360 Journal the extreme of extreme.  When it starts fails me, we will extend it!   If it fails you, drop me a line, and we will improve it.

The Fish360 Journal Angler Edition is a WebApp that can be accessible via web or mobile device.  To create your free account using your mobile device, go to:  Save the link to your mobile device's desktop (iPhone | Android | Windows).  It's FREE. Private and secure.   The only thing you have to lose is the fish you will not be catching without it. ;-).