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Largemouth Bass on Gary Yamamoto Swim Senko

When the bites become hard to come by, I slip on a Gary Yamamoto Swim Senko. Spray on some shad scent. Make a long cast near structure. Fish on!

Bomber Saltwater Grade Lost Cast Minnow

I have fished a multitude of plastic minnow swimmers in the surf. None of them have found a permanent home in my surf bag. That is until I fished the new Bomber Saltwater Grade Long Cast Minnows!

Fish360 Bomber Saltwater Grade Lost Cast Minnow

DIY Spool Jig

The most efficient and economical way to spool your reels is by using a 1,500 yard spool. These large spools are challenging to handle. But, with some simple tools and inexpensive materials, you can build a spool jig.

Fish360 DIY Spool Jig 

Surfcasting the open beaches of Plum Island and the North Shore

The Plum Island Surfcaters hosted Steve Gallant, from Plum Island Surf Guide Service, at their September club meeting. He presented Surfcasting the open beaches of Plum Island and the North Shore.

Fish360 Steve Gallant Plum Island Surfcasters

Tackle Management: Box it!

I fish for all species using all methods. I thus exploit a variety of products and methods to manage my tackle. The Plano 2-3620-01 and the Plano 2-3600-01 boxes manage 80% of the saltwater and freshwater tackle that I fish.

Fish360 Plano

Swim baits: Fish on!

When I presented my Freshwater Surfcasting seminar this past June at the Plum Island Surfcasters, I covered a cross section of the presentations for targeting freshwater species. But! I failed to cover swim baits! Frankly, I had not fished them much. Until now! ;-)

Fish360 Chain Pickerel Gary Yamamoto Swim Bait

DIY SOT Kayak Cart

Transporting a kayak from your vehicle to the water's edge can be aggressively done by grabbing the handles at mid-boat and heaving the kayak up and over your head.  But, then you have to come back for your gear.  If parking for the access site is 1/4 mile away, then multiple trips back and forth is lost time fishing.  With some inexpensive materials and basic tools you can easily build a proper kayak cart to transport your SOT kayak and gear safely and efficiently all at the same time.

Fish360 DIY SOT Kayak Cart 

Public Access to the Waters of Massachusetts

I am often asked:"Where can I go fishing?"  This simple question does not have a single simple answer.   If you want to target saltwater and freshwater species in Massachusetts via boat, kayak, or canoe, then one answer is: Public Access to the Waters of Massachusetts.

Fish360 Massachusetts Hots Spots

Fly Fishing the Surf at Night

I plan my fishing trips.  I use satellite imagery, NOAA nautical charts, and lake maps.  I read guide books and articles that cover the areas I fish.  I review my on-the-ground photos and videos.  I take time of year, time of day, moon phase, tide, and current into consideration.  But!  Today I had the unexpected opportunity to fish for two hours.  No time to plan ahead of time.  I packed my surf fly gear and developed a plan en route.

Fish360 Fly Fish Surf Night 

Fishing Structure: Light Transitions

I had the opportunity today to fish a new section of the Nashua River.  Without the aid of electronics, I exploited old school techniques to read the water, identify structure, and measure the varying depths of this section.  As the sun was rising, the trees on the East bank kept part of the water dark with their shadows.  The "light transition" was quite pronounced.  I started my trip by trolling a Surf Asylum blunt nose swimming plug along the light transition.  BANG!  Something hit the plug hard that my rod nearly came out of my Yak Attack rod holder!!!

Fish360 Chain Pickerel

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