Carp Baiting Needle

Carp is a widely targeted species in Europe. Since it's introduction to North American waters, carp has been targeted by enthusiastic and die-hard anglers with a multitude of presentations and methods. A presentation technique from Europe that has been proven to increase hook ups, is the "hair-rig".

Threading your bait onto the "hair" requires a carp bait needle. You can make your own baiting needle. But, I would recommend the Wacker Bait and Tackle carp baiting needle kit (RB3553).

Carp Baiting Tools

1@32 Pledge

The striped bass fishery, like other fisheries, is a self-replenishing resource. But, if we harvest striped bass at a faster rate than the fishery can replenish itself, then we will delete our oceans and rivers of a vital resource. This nearly happened in the 1970's. Fortunately, regulations were put in place and the striped bass population was restored to self-sustaining levels.

Over the last few seasons, I have have observed a significant reduction in the number and size of striped bass on the Atlantic seaboard. Other anglers and organizations have also noticed this decline.

The 1@32 Pledge is a new movement in the recreational fishing community that was started on by Ross Squire from New York. In short, anglers and organizations are pledging to harvest 1 fish at 32 inches or greater per day.

1 @ 32 Pledge

Orvis Stripping Basket

My first fly fishing trip for striped bass was on a rock pile in Maine that protruded into the Atlantic. Poseidon was determined to knock my off that rock.  I was determined to fly fish! My home made stripping basket kept my line out of the crashing surf. But, not very well. An employee at Cabelas, who shall remain nameless, recommend the striping basket from Orvis. I took his recommendation and purchased an Orvis stripping basket from Concord Outfitters.

Orvis Striping Basket

New England Saltwater Fishing Show ~ 2014

I still remember the first time that I went to the New England Saltwater Fishing Show. As I trolled through the isles, "WOW", "OMG", and "Wicked Awesome!" were my immediate responses to the booths I saw. The breadth and depth of the seminars were well worth the price of admission. The same holds true today!

New England Saltwater Fishing Show 2014

Jack Traps Youth Ice Fishing Derby

We fished the 5th Annual Jack Traps Youth Ice Fishing Derby. The tournament was held on Cochnewagon Lake in Monmouth, ME.  This was our first time fishing this tournament.

Maine Smelt Fishing 2014

I went on the annual Plum Island Surfcasters smelt fishing trip to the Kennebec River in Maine.  The club's go-to smelt camp is Sonny's.

Maine Smelt Ice Fishing

Rockingham Fishing and Hunting Expo 2014

I presented at Rockingham Fishing and Hunting Expo for the first time this year.  Wow!  What a fishy show.  

Rockingham Fishing and Hunting Expo 2014

As a visitor, I found no shortage booths featuring fishing products and services.  As a presenter, I found the organization and technology to be first class. 

Plano FTO Elite Series Spinner Bait Organizer

This past season I had the opportunity to go fresh water kayak fishing for large mouth bass. OMG! What fun!! I reviewed my fishing journal and discovered that one of my most productive baits was the spinner bait. This easily justified me stocking up on this fish seducing bait. The unexpected challenge that I encountered was how to organize them.

Spinner Baits

Fishing Belt Accessories

A fishing belt, unlike a traditional belt, is a multi-functional piece of equipment. By adding the right accessories, you can maximize your belt and be more productive on and in the water.  Accessorizing your fishing belt starts with two indispensable pieces of equipment: clips and stainless steel D-rings.

AquaSkinz D-Ring Clip

Fishing GoPro

Historically, catching a fish from strike to landing on camera has been a challenge.  Fish are difficult to predict and the cameras varied greatly in size, weight, and water resistance. But now with modern technology, you can keep your two hands on the rod, hook, and land your fish while the whole experience is captured effortlessly via GoPo!


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